The Pan Arab Neuroradiology Society shall be composed of Neuroradiological Societies, Colleges, Academies and Kindred Neuroscience Associations Throughout the Arab World. The Society shall be based in Beirut and shall have branches in other countries of Arab World.

The purpose of the Society shall be the advancement of Neuroradiology in all its aspects and to represent Neuroradiology in the Arab World on matters of common interest by:

The establishment and maintenance of cooperation between Neuroradiological organizations in the Arab World.
The direction and enhancement of the prominent and effective position of Neuroradiology within radiology and the neurosciences.
The exchange and dissemination of knowledge ideas and recognized terminology in the field of Neuroradiology.
The development of the best possible standards of Neuroradiological facilities and practice.
The recommendation and encouragement of Pan-Arab accepted standards of education, training and research in Neuroradiology and its allied sciences.
The support of scientific Symposia and annual scientific meetings of member Neuroradiological sciences.
The Society shall pursue and will achieve its objectives through the following activities:

Promotion of scientific research and exchange of ideas in its fields and related topics and publish distribute and exchange such results with relevant Societies.
Holding regular conferences, symposia and seminars in the field of Neuroradiology throughout the Arab World.
Publish regular bulletins or periodicals to keep readers members up to date with Society’s programmes and progress of research activities.
Organize scientific expeditions and to award prizes for meritorious work in open competition.

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